How We Live In Everyday Life

We believe the gospel transforms us to live like Christ everyday.  We want to live our lives in light of the gospel, whether we're at work, home, the ballfields, or a restaurant. 

Unfortunately, there's often a gap for many of us between everyday life and following Jesus.  Our daily grind at work rarely "feels spiritual."  And what's so sacred about eating out?  Add in all of our other daily activities - doing laundry, finishing homework, checking social media like Facebook and Twitter, making soccer practice on time - and following Jesus soon equates to a few devotional thoughts amidst "real life."

But what if it could be different?  What if life wasn't so fractured and fragmented into a million different spaces?  What if church wasn't yet another activity to add to your already busy schedule?  What if we lived all of life in light of the gospel?

That's our goal, and to accomplish it we've identified six gospel rhythms we seek to instill in every arena of life (home, school, work, play, etc.).

  • Share Stories - We know and submit our lives to the story of God.  We learn each other's story and the stories of those around us.

  • Listen - We listen backward to the Word of God, forward to the Spirit of God, and intentionally to those around us.

  • Celebrate - We regularly find ways to celebrate all that God is doing in and amongst us.

  • Bless - We intentionally bless others through words, gifts, or actions.

  • Eat - We regularly eat meals with others and invite them into gospel community.

  • Restore - We take time to rest, play, create, and restore beauty in ways that reflect God and the gospel to others.