Who Is Arise Church?

Most of the time when we think of church, we think of a church building, gathering together on Sunday mornings, singing songs, and listening to a message.  So we ask questions like, "Where did you go to church today?"  Or, "How was church?"  In this mindset, church is a place we go or an event we attend.

We think this idea would have been foreign to most of the believers in the New Testament.

Arise Church isn't a place, although we do gather regularly.  Arise Church is a people.  It's as much a statement as it is a name.  Isaiah 60:1 says, "Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you."  We are a group of people who seek to live our lives in light of the fact that the true Light of the world has come in Jesus, and all of life is about bringing glory to Him.

We believe that as Christ followers, we have a new identity and a new purpose.  We seek to live our lives as a family of worshippers, united with Christ, sent out on mission with God to make disciples of all the world.  We want to see our city saturated with the gospel, with the good news of Jesus, so that the love of God is both declared and demonstrated everyday in every neighborhood within our community.

And we'd love for you to JOIN us!