Sunday Gatherings

At Arise, we're convinced that we don't go to church...we are the church.  In fact, we pray all the time that if you're planning to join us on a Sunday it will be the last time you ever "go to church." 

However, it is important that the church - the people of God - still gather.  As the Bride of Christ, we want to celebrate and honor our faithful Savior.  We want to sing songs and tell stories in praise of our King.  We also want to be equipped to live out our identity as followers of Christ.  We want to discover how the gospel affects our lives as disciples and why it matters to our not-yet believing friends.

We meet most Sundays at the Clinton YMCA at 10:00 am.  We typically eat breakfast together and then get started around 10:30.  Occassionally, we meet outside of the church walls to intentionally display the gospel to our neighbors and community.  If you want to know for sure where we are this Sunday or just want to let us know you're coming, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or just email