Missional Communities

Missional communities are the primary way we seek to fulfill Jesus' mission to make disciples who make disciples.  Ideally, missional communities consist of 15-25 people who are seeking to declare and demonstrate the love of God to each other and to their neighbors in everyday rhythms of life.  Through these relationships, we encourage each other to truly believe and live out our identity as followers of Christ.

Most missional communities have a defined meeting time and a defined mission field (either a neighborhood or particular network of people).  However, the focus is more on how we live everyday.  They're our attempt to live as the family of God, sent out as the body of Christ to make disciples.

Missional Communities FAQ

Whether you already consider yourself a part of our family or you're just exploring what it might look like to live as Jesus lived, we'd love for you to join us.  

This fall, we will have at least three missional communities.  Contact scott@letlovearise.org for more info, or fill out the form below if you'd like to be a part.